Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scam Update

The National Association of Professional Women finally gave me my money back. As for the other Corporate Filing scams... there seems to be no recourse. I have not given up, however. If I learn anything more, I will let you know.

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Molly B. said...

Hello Meredith

I read your blog this morning and I just wanted to touch base with you. I recently have had two phone conversations with the NAPW and I still haven't received my welcome kit. I don't understand what is going on so I did some more research and came across your blog. I was just curious as to how it all ended if you don't mind sharing? Is the company actually fake or are they just super bad at customer service?

I just don't know what steps to take from here. I don't know whether to go to them or go to my lawyer.

Thank you for your time and congrats on getting your money back.